What is an “affiliate” relationship?

An affiliate link means that I am getting something for mentioning or promoting a product or service.

That “something” can vary. It might be a percent of the sale or free products or services for me. Depends on who and what I am promoting.

If you click on the affiliate link and buy, I receive some type of compensation. For most things, think “buy me a tea” money and not “buy me a Porche” money.

Are all your links affiliate links?

Nope. In fact very few of my links are affiliate links. Most of the time I simply find a good product and want to pass it along to my readers. No hidden agenda. No hidden payola for me.

I try to be very clear when I have received some benefit from featuring a product or service on my site and will disclose that benefit in the feature piece.

Do I have to buy through your affiliate link?

Nope. You are free to visit any site/product/service on your own – though I do appreciate your trust in checking out any product or service that I feature.

How do I know if a link is an affiliate link?

Links to products where I will get some type of affiliate payment or benefit are always clearly disclosed by the words “Affiliate Link” directly adjacent to the link.

If “affiliate link” is NOT next to a web link, then I am not receiving any affiliate compensation.

Questions about my affiliate policy or anything else on my website?

Contact me. I will answer any questions you have.