If your post/pin/meme goes online and no one sees it…did you just waste a bunch of time and money?


Your clients are consuming more content than ever. Across more platforms.

I will work with your to create content that connects, converts, and sells your product or service.

White papers and case studies:

This content is often the bedrock of your marketing efforts. White papers position your product/service and strengthen your differentiators  in the market.  Case studies provide the social proof that clients often need to see before they complete the sale. Together, they are a powerful part of your arsenal.

But white papers and case studies are moving away from the traditional 4-6 page, dry academic PDF. Today they can take the form of a PowerPoint, an e-book, a video interview, an infographic, or other multimedia product. Platforms and social are driving this trend.

Is it time to think about updating your white paper or case study – or creating new content to capture your client’s attention?

Web content:

Landing pages, blog posts, content refreshes…your web content needs a lot more care and feeding than your mother ever told you.

My experience as a web designer means that I know what’s possible – and how to push the envelope – to create content that connects, converts, and SELLS.


Inspirational quotes,or fun memes, Pinterest pins, Instagram feeds, it gets exhilarating (and a little exhausting) to keep up with all the ways your clients expect you to connect. Getting your social content shared and engaging your clients means understanding who they are, where they get their information, and how they want to consume that information.

Yup..there is a social channel for that.

I craft brand awareness campaign, build sales around a product or service, create an email marketing campaigns all around the single goal of connecting, converting and SELLING your product or service.


The content makes the connection, but the content creator must also be aware of your overall marketing goals and programs. Working with your editorial calendar and marketing plan, I will help you see where there are opportunities to further engage your current clients – and reach additional clients.

My heart is marketing and content, but my head is data.


Don’t have a dedicated staff? Already have your plate full with other projects?

I can help you fill in gaps in your content creation or help evaluate your overall marketing. I can create a 90-day, 6 month, or annual plan that helps you understand the best ways to reach your clients – and where new audiences can be found. I can then execute the content, or help get your staff ready.