start here two feet on groundBusinesses need customers.

I specialize in helping businesses find leads and convert those leads to sales using Facebook Messenger chat bot sequences and email funnel marketing.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Sequences:

I help businesses implement and design an effective Facebook Messenger marketing program using Chatbots, the newest method to reach customers on a platform with 1.8 billion users. Using FB Messenger, you can directly reach customers, engage through a medium they are already using, and create engagement that feels personal and immediate.

With Facebook Messenger Chatbots you can:

  • Promote your product/service to a ready audience
  • Create customized sequences that allow businesses to track customer behaviors and actions
  • Deliver content, send to website or landing page, answer questions using AI technology
  • Track results and tweak performance on the fly to improve performance
  • Tag behaviors and send to sequences or create broadcasts based on tags.

Email Funnel Marketing:

Email funnels are the bedrock of many marketing programs. I build an email funnel that brings users in, educates them about your product or service, turning warm leads into sales.

From writing emails to designing the funnel, your email can help your business grow on autopilot. Let me bring the strength of a well-designed, well-written funnel to your business.

Benefits of an email funnel:

  • Bring in new leads
  • Educate leads about your company and your service/product
  • Move the sales cycle forward
  • Overcome objections
  • Move warm leads to hot leads
  • Convert hot leads to sales
  • Track lead generation and segment lists
  • Deliver content to exactly the right audience when they are most receptive

Can you use more leads?

Let me help build your business and convert leads into sales using Facebook Messenger and Email Funnels.