29 questions to ask about your email funnel

29 Questions to Ask About YOUR Email Funnel

Marketing methods come and go, but one of the highest ROI marketing methods is still email funnel marketing – but only if you have a high-converting funnel.

When you come to me to discuss email funnels, my job is to act as a partner in your marketing efforts. I understand that the funnel does not exist on its own – nor should it.

My first job in crafting an email funnel is to understand where you are now.

1. Do you have a funnel?
2. Have you run any testing?
3. What is the conversion rate?
4. How are you marketing the funnel?
5. What lead magnets are you using?
6. Have the lead magnets been tested?
7. Are new products being plugged into an existing funnel?
8. How long is the funnel?

After an initial review, it’s time to take a deeper dive on the funnel.

9. How many emails are part of the funnel?
10. Is each email in the funnel moving the lead toward the goal?
11. What does onboarding/welcome look like? Is the customer being welcomed and expectations being set?
12. Is the relationship part of the funnel doing its job? Are you leaking subscribers because you are not targeting?
13. Is the sales part of the funnel closing the deal? What is the conversion rate?
14. Is your website supporting your email funnel? Is content being posted to continue to show your expertise?

Are you getting all the traffic you should?

15. Where is your initial traffic coming from?
16. Are you hitting social media where your customers hang out?
17. Are you producing content that appeals across a wide spectrum of leads?
18. Are you maximizing the traffic you get with social shares?
19. Are you using social proof – especially from social media – as part of your funnel?

Are your other emails (broadcasts, newsletters) supporting the funnel?

20. If you are sending out general emails, are you connecting those subscribers into a funnel?
21. Are you cross-promoting from your funnel to your general emails?
22. Are you effectively using your general emails to take advantage of trends and news?
23. Are you using your general emails to actually solicit input from readers – and turn it into a conversation?

Data mining, tagging, segmenting are not just for Amazon.

24. Are you gathering all the data you can on your subscribers? Effective funnels tag behaviors constantly. Whatever a subscriber does (or doesn’t do) should be part of their record. You should be able to quickly segment out part of your list based on this behavior.,
25. Are you tracking and acting on behavior? Segmentation allows you to more precisely deliver content and emails that are tailored to the expectations and needs of your subscribers.


26. What autoresponder are you using? Can it handle your needs?
27. What is the bounce rate you’re getting? Are you ending up in too many spam folders?
28. What are you using for opt-in software? How much can you customize?
29. What are you using for landing page software? Is it flexible and does it play nice with your autoresponder, social media, and your website?

This is where I start when customers come to me to talk about email sales funnels.

Can I help you with your email sales funnel and


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