virtual elevator pitch

(Virtual) Elevator Pitch Your Way to Anyone Using email or social media

Just read a great article about successful entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their way to success using email outreach. This got me thinking about how you could apply these tips more broadly – and recreate a virtual elevator pitch only via email but through social media. If you had 30 seconds in an elevator with your dream

chat bots are the future

Messenger Chat Bots are HUGE (and this is only the beginning)

A few collegues have been following my progress and asking questions about what the heck I am doing right now…rather than post a bunch of different responses, thought I’d just do a post about it.   Frustration with engagement led to a lightbulb moment: If I’m having this problem, other people are too. I niched

planning your messenger chat bot and email marketing

Planning Your Messenger Chat Bot and Email Marketing

Email funnels and Messenger chat bots should not be created independently. They should be part of an integrated marketing plan that leverages the best of both platforms to strengthen engagement and increase conversions. I never forget that it’s all about TURNING LEADS INTO SALES. You’s spending money to get leads and then convert those leads

email psychology

Email Funnel Psychology – Understanding your reader

Understanding the WHY behind your customer interactions is one of the most overlooked part of email funnel design. You can turn MORE leads into sales if you meet customer expectations at each stage of the process. Stage One: Attention The lead has just found you. They don’t know you.They don’t trust you. But they’re willing