chat bots are the future

Messenger Chat Bots are HUGE (and this is only the beginning)

A few collegues have been following my progress and asking questions about what the heck I am doing right now…rather than post a bunch of different responses, thought I’d just do a post about it.
Frustration with engagement led to a lightbulb moment: If I’m having this problem, other people are too.
I niched my business down to writing email sales funnels and Messenger Chat Bots. Love the challenge of telling a story via threaded comments. Long(er) form via email and tiny, tiny form via Messenger Chat Bots.
Turns out I have a real knack for the micro copy called for by chat bots – and i get to dust off my programming skills in the design and set up of bots.

Short answer: I am having a BLAST! Love writing/programming Messenger Chat Bots


Some of you are scratching your head…What are Messenger Chat Bots….
Messenger chat bots are the automated chat messages you get when you interact with different pages and platforms. FB Messenger is the biggest player right now – by far – but everyone seems to have their own flavor including Telegram, Slack, IBM, Microsoft/LinkedIn…the list goes on.
You’ve probably used FB Messenger to chat with friends. Messenger Chat Bots can create automated responses and email-like drip campaigns.
Here is my general FB business page where you can try my Messenger Chat Bot (just send me a message)
Here is the FB page I set up around Messenger Chat Bots – can always use more likes and followers (thanks in advance)
Why scramble for 3-5% engagement when you can amp that up and get 50-70%+ engagement with Messenger Chat Bots?
FB Messenger Chat Bots are seeing engagement rates that are 50% plus – which is about 10x the typical engagement rate of email. THAT’s why businesses are jumping on board. 1-800 Flowers is getting 70% engagement and almost 100% of those people are new customers.
And they are not alone.
Retailers, hospitality, online marketers – everyone is scrambling to get in front of customers.
With numbers like that, everyone wants their own bot!

It’s freewheeling, and you’re iterating constantly to goose the numbers…but it’s so much fun. Right now I am just working on FB, but may expand to other channels as the medium grows up a bit. It’s a bit like Twitter on steroids.

Building Chat Bots is just a little addictive…

Here is the FB messenger bot I built for my own website Just click on Getting Started at the bottom of the page
It’s version 1.3 at this point…those of you who understand software version numbers realize it’s a first version (1) with some updated tweaks (.3) It’s a constant work in progress.

Got my first client really fast and it is a great fit with writing email sales funnel copy (which I also LOVE doing)

I am actively taking on new clients right now.

For Messenger Chat Bots:

My ideal client is someone who sells online currently and wants to boost their presence on FB.
Messenger Chat Bots can cut your FB ad spend by giving you an audience to re-target and boost your engagement – and there a LOADS of ways to boost engagement.

For email sales funnels:

My ideal client is someone who has started with email marketing and they are still doing things manually (or nearly so) or have a small funnel that simply is not doing what needs to be done to promote their business and grow their list. I specialize in writing top to bottom campaigns and turn leads into sales.

Want to learn more?

Follow my Browne Company FB page or my Chat Bot Marketing FB  page
I am very active on Pinterest with very specialized interest in email marketing and FB chat bots if you’re more a Pinterest person..not a single avocado recipe, makeup tutorial, or tips to turn salvaged wood pallets into dining room tables. It’s all about the business.
Love if if you would pass along my contact info if you know someone who could use a better funnel or wants to add Messenger Chat Bots to their mix.
Send them to my new and improved website where then can contact me or even directly book a time to talk.

Thanks for all the support (as always)


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