what you need to know about chat bots

What you need to know about Facebook Messenger chat bots

Paying attention to chat bots? All the big companies are making big bets that chat bots will be the next marketing frontier. If you want to get a jump start on your competitors, this is a great place to start.

What you should know about chat bots.

Facebook is far and away the biggest platform for chat bots – Messenger bots reach nearly 2 billion users.

Other platforms are developing proprietary bots but their reach is limited. Facebook is the 400-pound gorilla in this technology.

Facebook is actively promoting the use of chat bots by marketers and is rolling out integrations to strengthen its position.

The biggest app right now is being able to accept payment for products within Messenger.

What are chat bots?

If you use Facebook, you probably get little “side messages” from your friends. These can be private messages or small shares that they don’t want to post on their FB walls.

Chat bots take the power and intimacy of that one-on-one conversation and let you automate it.

The bots can respond to questions, parse out keywords and respond, deliver content, and sell actual products.

Example: Do you sell t-shirts? You can show a visitor your new offerings, ask their size and color preference, get their shipping info, and take a credit card all from within Messenger. All automated. All scripted.

Creating a chat bot is really easy – using if effectively is much harder.

There are a dozen or more apps out there dedicated to “easy chat bot creation.” Thousands of web pages and videos are dedicated to teaching about bots. But creating a chat bot should only the very first step in your marketing.

The money and conversions will be in creating logical chat bot sequences that bring a near-AI experience to your visitors. Understanding how to create flow and logic is the key to conversions.

Writing for bots is like teaching via Twitter. It can be done – but it takes understanding, planning, and a copy writer who gets the process.

There is an art AND science to writing short, responsive messages that keep leads engaged.

A writer need to not only understand the marketing process, but understand how the engagement cycle works on Messenger.

Crafting sequences IS the secret sauce to conversion

Know how email marketers like to say “the money is in the list”? Well..for FB Messenger, the money is in the sequences.

Sequences direct the engagement. Everything from content delivery to shopping is all handled via sequences.

A great sequence has great, conversational copy writing that feels like a conversation and not a lecture.

Engagement through sequences requires the use of logic branches so leads can remain engaged.

Ready to learn more about using chat bots for your business?

Contact me and let’s see how chat bots can be part of your marketing plan.


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