planning your messenger chat bot and email marketing

Planning Your Messenger Chat Bot and Email Marketing

Email funnels and Messenger chat bots should not be created independently. They should be part of an integrated marketing plan that leverages the best of both platforms to strengthen engagement and increase conversions.

I never forget that it’s all about TURNING LEADS INTO SALES.

You’s spending money to get leads and then convert those leads into sales. I never forget that.

I look at your entire marketing plan and help all the pieces work together.

Email Sales Funnels should be sending leads to Messenger. Messenger should be turning FB page fans into subscribers.

Email funnels and Messenger chat bots should be leveraging the power of all social media platforms.

Social proof from Facebook should be part of your email campaign.

Email should be driving traffic to your FB page.

Leverage the power of each platform to do what it does best. Your customers should not be forced to choose how they engage.

It really is no longer separate silos of leads – you need to treat all the lead buckets as fluid; customers will (and should) move seamlessly between your platforms.

Businesses that embrace cross-promotion will win customer engagement.

Creating a short-term plan can keep your engagement fresh. Creating a long-term plan will keep your marketing focused.

I can help you with a plan that utilizes the delight of Messenger chat bots with the stickiness of an email funnel.

Contact me and let’s figure out how to get your plan developed and executed.


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